Love Mojo Bag Keep Love Gris Gris Bag Keep Lover From Straying Mojo Ba – Spiritual Magic Journey


Love Mojo Bag Keep Love Gris Gris Bag Keep Lover From Straying Mojo Bag - Spiritual Magic Journey

Love Mojo Bag Keep Love Gris Gris Bag Keep Lover From Straying Mojo Bag

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Mollein, Periwinkle, Wild Pansy, Secret Herbs & Oils. Purified & Blessed

Carry Mojo Bag with you to help with love, finding love, keeping lover, couple protection, desired sensuality, strengthen love link. Small enough to carry in your pocket (quarter size).

What is a mojo bag, really? It is an amulet of African-American hoodoo practice, a flannel bag containing one or more magical items. The word is thought to be a corruption of the English word "magic." Other names for it include conjure bag, hand, lucky hand, mojo bag, mojo hand, root bag, toby, jomo, and gris-gris (pronounced gree-gree) bag. Gris-gris means spell, specifically of the voudoun variety. (As you study and cross-reference, you will find modern Wicca has borrowed and adapted much from voodoo and other magickal traditions.)

Handmade mojo bags, crafted and created by magical practitioners. Mojo bags also known as Gris Gris Bags have been used as magical charms for centuries. Some consider them to be a form of sympathetic magick and some can be considered charged amulets, each of which are made with specific intent and purpose for the person it is intended for. Each mojo bag is carefully concocted with specific corresponding herbs, crystals/gemstones, magical components and is magically charged and infused with the practitioner's energies. The contents of each bag is depicted based on traditional correspondences, and old world magical technique. Here you will be able to find mojo bags ranging from protection to money to healing and more. You will surely see that quality involved with each intricately crafted mojo bag/gris gris bag when yours arrives.

gris-gris (gree gree): a curse, hex; a spell to secure good luck, strength, or protection, or to acquire wealth or love; an amulet used for the casting of such a curse or spell, usually a small bag filled with specifically prescribed ingredients such as roots, herbs, coins, animal bones, and carvings. In the southern U.S., some common synonyms for gris-gris are mojo, mojo hand, conjure hand, trick bag, and root bag.

Mojo hands, trick bags, jomos, conjure sacks, tobies, jack balls, and nation sacks are charm-spells that are made, prepared, and fixed into a small bag or ball that clients can carry on their person.
From the outside, the Mojo is a small bag, often made of red flannel cloth or soft chamois leather and tied with a drawstring, but when you look inside, you will find that it is a type of contained spell or magic charm, containing botanical, zoological, and/or mineral curios, petition papers, and the like, which have been selected, hand-blended, prayed over, and set working to accomplish the type of magical task that the root doctor has prescribed for the client.