White Chime Candles Set of 5 – Spiritual Magic Journey

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White Chime Candles Set of 5 - Spiritual Magic Journey
White Chime Candles Set of 5 - Spiritual Magic Journey

White Chime Candles Set of 5

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Candles have been used for centuries in spells and rituals. It is believed that candles can absorb energy and then release that energy when burned. The color of the candle is another important factor, as each color contains specific energy and vibrations inherent to that color, which helps focus the energy of the spell toward a particular desired outcome. Candles are 4 inch

White Candles

White candles are used for a variety of spells. White represents light, purity, peace and spiritual enlightenment. White candles are used in:

  • Protection spells
  • Cleansing rituals
  • Healing Spells
  • Truth seeking
  • Connecting with one's higher self
  • Meditation
  • Astral projection
  • Summoning spirit guides

White Candle Spells

Once your candles have been anointed, you can perform one of the following spells. Just remember to use a new candle for each spell.

Blessing Spell

If you want to send out good fortune, good luck or good health to a loved one, use a white candle to perform a blessing spell for that person.

  1. Write down a blessing on paper, focusing on the particular area you want to help your loved one with, such as "May my best friend Dawn be blessed with a child of her own. Please give her the gift of new life."
  2. Carve the name of the person into the candle.
  3. Anoint the candle with blessing oil or holy oil.
  4. Light the candle and recite the blessing. Focus your intent on the words you have written.
  5. Pinch out or snuff the candle flame.
  6. Repeat the spell for seven days or longer if desired. Re-anoint the candle once a week.