Cutting cords can be a great way to release heavy energy or if you've been around someone with drama or you feel loves to drain your energy. You can do this in the shower, I like to call it an energetic cleanse. Just image the water cleansing you and everything person you had contact with, image cords washed away or evaporating with the water. Make sure you ground and protect before you begin. Water can be very cleansing. You can also add Epsom or pink salt to a bath and soak in it for 20mins relaxing and imaging everything is being released (including cords) that is no longer serving you. You are cleansing your energy and body.

Another way is performing a spell. Use this for someone close to you: Find a quiet place, your favorite candle. Ground and protect. Then repeat these words: By my free will, with harm to none, 
I sever the cord that binds me to (insert name), 
As we once chose to share the road we walked, 
Now we choose to walk a different path, 
Although we still journey to the same destination, 
No longer do our steps move in time you are no longer my friend (or 
lover), I release the (insert name) from all ties to me 
As I am released from thee, As I do will, so mote it be! 

Namaste Sherry